Our Process

Discovery Meeting

Let's sit down in person or over a zoom call and have a chat.  Here we will discover important aspects about your business such as your goals, your process and any other important aspects that may effect how your website functions.


We will then go back to the office and create a custom proposal for you, outlining in detail the

  1. Benefits of working with us
  2. Scope of work
  3. Terms
  4. Fees
  5. Payment schedule
  6. Timeline


Once we have agreed on all the terms we will present you the customer a detailed contract before we start

Site Map

We will create a detailed sitemap of how the website will funtion, along with all the pages, Menus etc.

Product Database

We will build a product database using Google Sheets, where we will compile all the necessary data for each product.  This data fille will be used to upload to the server all the products.


We will design any necessary elements, pictures, logos etc.


We will then sit down and compile all this information in the working version of the website.


We will then test the website to make sure customer have a great user experience on the website.


And lift off.  We will launch the website onto the www.